UPDATE: Final Seven Selfie Poses Are Posted Below (1/20)

When we found out we were going to be able to hook up Club Kiss VIP's with tickets and Meet 'n Greets for Twenty One Pilots' February 7th concert in Bozeman, we wanted to make sure that the real fans won. No random, luck of the draw contest, but a true test to show how much you want to see the show and meet the guys. We've outlined your mission below, and the first five people who complete all the tasks, win the tickets.

Of course, every contest has rules and this one is no exception. In addition to meeting all of the standard Townsquare Media eligibility requirements, you must also meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Club Kiss VIP member (if you're not already a member, click here to sign up, or visit billingsmix.com and click Sign Up in the top right corner to login with your Facebook account)
  • You must be at least 18
  • You must be a resident of our immediate listening area (Yellowstone County, Carbon County, Musselshell County)
  • Must have a Facebook account

To win this contest, you will ultimately be taking 20 selfies and posting them on your Facebook page. IMPORTANT: For each image, you will tag Kiss FM with the tag @971kissfm AND use the hashtag #Kiss21SelfiesFor21Pilots.  Remember, you must do both so we are able to find the pictures you post. If you forget to do one or the other, the image will not count.  Also, set all your photos to "PUBLIC" so we can find them!

A "selfie" is a photo taken by you.  You must take the photo!  By tagging us and participating, you are granting us usage rights to any photo you submit for this contest.  The image must clearly depict you doing what you are asked to do.  If you are asked to take a selfie at a certain location, please make sure the location is clearly identifiable in the image.  Any photos that appear to be altered (e.g. faked), will not be considered.  We reserve the right to make this judgement and our judgements will stand, so make sure your pics are legit.

Today, we will start with six simple selfie descriptions we want you to post and tag as described above.  On Wednesday, we will release seven more tasks.  On Friday, we will release the final 7.  Some of the math junkies may have already realized that this only adds up to 20.  That's because your 21st Selfie will be with Twenty One Pilots at their concert in Bozeman!

When we post the final seven tasks on Friday, we will give you a way to notify us that you have completed all 20 selfies. The first five people to complete the 20 selfies (tagged appropriately), will receive a pair of tickets and Meet 'n Greet passes to the concert.

We will accept no entries after 11:59 p.m. Sunday,  1/22/17.  Winners will be verified by Tuesday, 1/24.  We will attempt to notify winners based on the contact info they have provided.  If we are unable to make contact with someone who has been judged a winner by noon on Tuesday, 1/24, we will move to the next person on the list until we have reached all five winners.

Okay..rules done, let's go!

The First Six Selfies:

1.) Your best duck lips!

2.) You kissing someone or something (keep it clean ;)

3.) Make the angriest face you can make

4.) Pic of you with ANY school in the background (public school or college, just make sure we can easily tell what the location is)

5.) Post the saddest face you can make

6.) Post a pic of you holding a stuffed animal of any kind.

Part two of the mission will be posted on on billingsmix.com and shared on Facebook and Twitter this Wednesday, January 18th, at approximately noon.

**UPDATE: Here comes round two!**


7.) Get a selfie that has an American flag in it.  (Holding a flag or flag in the background.)

8.) The infamous bathroom selfie (Not looking for anything revealing or gross here.. just one of the classic bathroom selfies)

9.) Picture of you standing by an orange vehicle (car, truck, van..whatever)

10.) Selfie with a snowball!

11.) Selfie of you eating something

12.) You in the backseat of a car, truck, van or SUV

13.) You with a musical instrument.

The final seven will come Friday.  Remember, it's the FIRST FIVE people to complete all 20.  If you're just finding out about this, you can still jump in and do everything up until this point.  We won't accept any entries after 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

The Final Seven:

We're in the home stretch, so some of these are a little tougher.  AFTER you have completed all of them, send us a message through Facebook and let us know you're done.  We may not reply to you instantly, but your message will have the time stamp from Facebook, so we'll know what time you finished.

This point is very important. Do not message us until you are finished with your posts. If your message comes to us before you have completed all 20 of the selfies, you will be disqualified.

14.)  Selfie of you in front of any sign that contains a "21" in it. (or written out Twenty One)

15.) Pic of you on the rims with downtown Billings in the background.

16.) Remember planking? Show us your best plank!

17.) Pic of you with a person in uniform.  (cop, military, fire fighter)

18.) Pic of you barefoot, wearing shorts, standing in snow

19.) Any pic of you with a train in the background (not a toy train.  A real train.  We have plenty of them)

20.) Pic of you holding a hand drawn version of our logo.  This is not an art contest, but it does need to look recognizable and something similar to this:


That's it!  If you've come this far, don't give up now.  On Monday, we'll announce the five winners and contact them via Facebook.


Good luck!



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