Earlier this week, Kaitlyn and I were disagreeing about where the old 4B's restaurant was. I remembered it as being 24th and Grand, but she swore it was closer to downtown.  As I'm sure many of you know, we were both right since there was in fact more than one back in the day.

A couple days later, Kaitlyn was scrolling around on her phone and saw a Facebook post about the "new" 4B's in Billings. We were both shocked that this could have happened without us hearing about it. Usually, we're pretty up to speed on the new businesses in town, but apparently 4B's came back to town without a lot of hype. In fact, I did a quick survey of various co-workers and friends and found that only one of the 12 people that I asked knew that they were back in town. They've actually been back almost a year now (August '16). I'm sure this article will be the first many have heard about it, so I thought I'd pass the word along for those who miss that famous tomato soup, but don't miss it enough to drive to Bozeman.

You'll find them in Billings at 4907 Southgate Drive.

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