So with it being Friday I know you are counting down the seconds till you are off work. What better way to wrap up your day than with than an amazing cocktail! I recently went to Magic City Casino and oh my gosh do they make the best drinks around. Hands down. If you can dream they can shake it.

They make wonderful drinks that you have never even heard of! The drink in the picture is a Red Velvet shot and no joke it tastes just like the cake! Well that's what my friends told me....kidding it was amazing!

I have been to pretty much every bar or establishment that has a drink menu and Magic City Casio absolutely blew me way. They make crazy awesome drinks with real fruit juice and real fruit! None of that weird frozen stuff there at all. Need a Bloody Mary or Caesar look no further. I have no idea what they put in it but wow is it best one around. I think it may be made with magic and love but who knows.

If you go in ask for one of their specialty drinks you won't regret it trust me. Not to mention the staff is beyond amazing. Everyone is always wearing a smile and makes you feel like you are in an episode of Cheers where everyone knows your name. Plus you try your luck in one of their 20 machines! So worth the stop on your Friday or any day for that matter.

(P.S Thank you Kaitlyn... yes her name is Kaitlyn... for letting me take your picture!)


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