It came to our attention that some people in Montana don't feel like Hooligan's deserves the title of the Best Sports Bar in Montana. Yep, it appears that a DJ at one of our sister stations in Bozeman believes that there are a number of bars in Missoula and Bozeman that better deserve the title of Best Sports Bar. H/T to Will Gordon at KISSFM, who wrote:

Let's be honest here, one of the sports bars in the two biggest college towns should have been the choice instead. That's just my opinion though.

Gordon went on to argue that certain sports bars in Bozeman and Zootown are better because they're packed on Bobcat and Grizzly game days. Of course they are. Every bar is packed on those days. But what about the rest of the year? That's when a true sports bar shines and that's why we have to agree with MSN Lifestyles when we say Hooligan's simply comes out on top.

Here's why:

  1. Hooligan's is great for all sports, not just college football. Soccer, hockey and baseball fans all come to Hoolie's to catch the action on over 20 tv's + the biggest screen in the state.
  2. You can throw peanut shells on the floor. I know they're pretty fancy over in Bozo, so good luck finding a sports bar that will encourage you to basically litter indoors.
  3. There's an award winning brewery attached. Yes, there are tons of great breweries all over the state, but not too many are attached to an award winning sports bar.
  4. Great food and specials. Hooligans really does have fantastic food, beyond your traditional bar burgers and pizza (although both are great choices). From Bloody Mary's with brunch to traditional Irish favorites, the food and drinks are pretty awesome. Let's not forget Power Hour. There aren't many places around where you can still get $1 well drinks.
  5. Genuinely nice people. The owner is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet who cares deeply about Billings and our community. They give back 20% on Community Mondays, with different local charities receiving the funds.

There's a reason Hooligan's is "the best damn sports bar... period" and we think they can claim the top spot with ease.

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