61 recent graduates from the Montana Law Academy are heading to work.

Crime is always a hot topic in Montana. It's been a public concern since Montana's pre-statehood days when the Vigilantes were formed in southwest Montana to help combat theft, violence, and other dastardly deeds. New faces are now ready to help enforce the law in Montana, with a fresh batch of Montana Law Academy grads announced earlier this week.

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Credit MT DOJ.
No disrespect, but can someone get this man a jacket that fits? Credit MT DOJ.

The fresh MT Law Academy grads will be joining various Montana agencies.

With a large state, law enforcement in rural areas is often spread thin. In Montana's bigger cities, we're dealing with an influx of transients, gang violence (most notably in Billings), and other criminal activity. An out-of-control fentanyl problem is wreaking havoc statewide.


Of the sixty-one new law enforcement graduates, the new officers will join agencies across the state, including city police departments, BIA, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, county Sheriff's offices, campus police, etc. I won't list them all, but some of the agencies getting the most new law enforcement employees include:

  • Five to the Billings Police Department
  • Three to the Bozeman Police Department
  • Five game wardens to MT FWP
  • Four at the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office
  • Four recruits will go to Montana Motor Carrier Services

We can assume that not all of these positions are "new." Some graduates may replace retired officers or vacancies created by those who quit, get promoted, or exit the state.

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Michael Foth - Townsquare Media
Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

Go get 'em, officers.

Regarding the latest class of Montana Law Enforcement Academy, Attorney General Austin Knudsen praised the new grads at the March 26th commencement,

I’m confident that today’s graduates are ready to face the challenges ahead of them as they begin their careers in law enforcement and I’m proud of what they have already accomplished. They will be on the front lines protecting our communities and I’m sure they will do so with integrity and courage.

Thank you to these men and women for pursuing a career most of us can't or won't do.

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