My love of sandwiches is no secret.

I've written about some of my favorite sandwich shops on numerous occasions and I consider myself a bit of a local sandwich expert. One of my favorite places in Billings to get a delicious, freshly made sandwich is Chalet Market. Working downtown, I usually visit their new-ish second location in the basement of the First Interstate Tower. The longtime Billings deli and gift shop recently helped make a local man's birthday extra special. Here's how...

Photo by Drew Geraets on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Geraets on Unsplash

Birthdays and puns are so much fun.

Everybody loves their birthday and many people - this author included - appreciate a good pun. Billings resident Jacque W. loves both. According to a fun post he shared this week on the Billings Customer Service Group Facebook page, his out-of-state brother helped coordinate a very pun-filled delivery for his 35th birthday. Jacque wrote,

So I have to give a huge shout out to Chalet Market for allowing my brother to send a funny present for my birthday today. He’s in Chicago, but knows I like puns. So he ordered 35 pickles to be sent to my office, to tell me I’m a big dill.

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Photo courtesy Jacque Wetmore
Photo by Jacque Wetmore via Facebook

35 individually wrapped packages arrived.

Ah, hahaha. A "Big Dill!" Classic pun. Classic prank. Jacque said in his post that he really appreciated the sandwich shop's assistance in creating and delivering the pun-filled birthday gift. In the Comments on his post, fans of Chalet Market shared praise for the locally-owned shop.

People love pickles.

According to data compiled by, Americans consume over 20 billion pickles per year and the global pickle market was worth over $11 billion in 2021. Residents of Maine reportedly eat the most pickles each year, while Montana ranked 12th in the nation for pickle consumption. Are you a pickle-lover?

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