If you don’t know the dark history of circus animals and the cruelty behind it, consider yourself blissfully ignorant.   

Back in 1943 Old Pitt was a circus elephant that was a part of a herd of elephants owned by John Robinson in Dillon, Montana.


She was a part of  Robinson’s Great Show and was made to perform in front of crowds all over the U.S. 

Robinson owned the largest herd of captive elephants and was even nick named The Military of Elephants. The elephants would perform every once in a while, but eventually they were able to roam Robinson’s property in Ohio.  

Most of Robinson’s elephants were eventually sold to Ringling Bros and one of the elephants soon died after.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

I’m assuming from heart break. We’ve all seen the Disney Movie Dumbo, right?? How about Water for Elephants?? These movies shine a light on the sadness that elephants endured to perform in circuses.  

Credit: Becky Phan Unsplash
Credit: Becky Phan Unsplash

Old Pitt was sold to Cole Brothers Circus at 102 years old and died shortly after from lightning striking her. Her grave resides in Dillon, MT with a headstone.

Can you imagine how melancholy this poor ellie felt after she had been in her herd with Robinson for decades?? The lightning strike is an awful way to go, but I feel it was a god-send. I write this story because forcing animals to perform for humans is absolutely cruel.  That's why I'm stoked to mention the new kind of circus coming through Billings! 

 Zephyr A Whirlwind of Circus is coming to Billings at the Alberta Bair Theatre October 20, 2022.  

This all-human performance will shine a light on the fact we do not need animals in circuses. Humans can do incredible things and when they use Cirque Mechanics, it’s an absolute wonderous experience. I know I’ll be attending.  

 Get your tickets here for this amazing performance happening exactly a week from now! 

Go support this all-human circus, and leave the animals alone.

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