When was the last time you received a random act of kindness?

Last Friday just before St. Patrick's Day, a lucky little pot of gold arrived in the studio where I work.  It and a cookie absolutely sweetened my morning.

These came from a couple young lasses, the daughters of a radio star here.

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This decorative green pot included a Leprechaun.  This little fella presented a pot of gold wrapped chocolate, to brighten the day after a live show or for a dessert after lunch.  Only actual gold could make this better

The cookie was made from breakfast cereal and marshmallow.  It was even nutritious.  I ate it right up.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

This is not their first holiday gifts.  I received a St. Patrick pot last year with chocolate and I saved the pot for paper clips.  Last month for Valentines Day this little fuzzy critter rode in on a heart-shaped box of chocolate.  They knew the best medicine for the workday stresses.  A little sweetness cures the little pressures.  And I firmly believe the calories do not count on any diet.

Thank You so much to the young ladies who assembled and brought these treasures.  I sincerely appreciate these gestures that say you are thinking of me.  Does my heart good.

Did you receive a random act of kindness that warmed your day?  Want to express your appreciation?  Email me at travis.lee@townsquaremedia.com and soon I will publish a follow up collection of messages.

Have a Fortunate, Blessed Day.

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