My 13 yr old kid Hunter should seriously take acting classes, because he was absolutely full of drama yesterday, in what appears to be an attempt to get out of school early.  Let me back up...

My wife was working yesterday and when the kids can't reach her immediately for one of their many "emergencies", the next person they pester is Grandma or Grandpa. So I get a text yesterday afternoon from Grandpa, asking if I can pick up a pair of crutches at Goodwill on my way home because Hunter hurt his leg real bad at school somehow. I tell him, sorry, I rode the motorcycle to work and can't really bring crutches home.  He says he'll figure it out. That's the last I hear of it till I get home.

I get home and the kid is sometimes using his crutches, sometimes not. Doesn't seem to hurt too bad, right? Him and his older brother go to Walmart to buy X-box crap and he apparently didn't need the crutches at all for that adventure. They get home and then his older brother spills the beans.

He said Hunter had Snapchatted a tale from school (with selfies of him in a frickin' wheel chair), telling all of his buddies that his leg is broken, and he's going in for an MRI on Friday.  Really embellishing the story.

I honestly couldn't stop laughing when we were confronting him about his ridiculous tale. I was like, dude... you only have one day of school left.  The easiest days of the school year! And you pulled this stunt to get out of class early? I told him you should just stick to your story at this point because you're in too deep to back out now.  We teased him a few more minutes, and he finally hopped up off the couch and went to bed.  Walking just fine.

Enjoy summer vacation. I have a feeling its going to be a long one.


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