When it comes to Easter we all love the food, time with family, weird dresses your mom makes you wear, Easter Bunny and baskets, but the egg hunt is always a favorite. I am not sure at what age most grow out of hunting eggs. I think I was about eight or so only because I have two little brothers and I wanted them to have them. As an adult it probably doesn't cross your mind to hunt for eggs haha until now... Adult Easter Egg Hunt! Here is the details! I am so in. March 31st march your calendar!

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Adult Easter Egg Hunt!!! The just: Easter isn't just for kids....why we gotta miss out on the Easter Bunny??? Whoever collects the most eggs...wins a night stay in Red Lodge at the Chateau Rogue!!! AHHHH...but beware of the ROTTEN eggs...Well they are not really rotten...but you will have to attend to find out what's in the DEVILED eggs!!!! Oh and not lets forget that we have the Easter Bunny hopping by to work the Jello Shot bar and get your picture taken with him!!!! Just like when you were young!!! Any who....lots of baskets for prizes...lots of fun and music.... $5.00 to join and you get a complimentary drink!!! See all you rascaly wabbits there!!!

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