I never went to prom so this is the perfect event for me to make it happen! I got ready for prom a couple times but one reason or another we never made it. One year my date got super sick so we bailed. Another year the party before just seemed like more fun haha So this event is must if you missed out on prom too! Adult Prom at The Yellowstone Art Museum on Saturday February 10th from 6pm-9pm. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door the day of the dance.

Here is why this prom will be way better than any high school one you went to.... FULL BAR and FOOD TRUCKS! Come and dance the night away in your pretty prom outfits and of course take those awkward prom photos. That is a must. You can take part in the royalty selection, rerto costume contest, and dance the night away to music from the 1970's so now! Space is limited (only 100 tickets) so get yours now! you purchase them over the phone at 256-6804 or get them here artmuseum.org/events/

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