I am so happy that the summer weather is still here and we are able to play outside. This weekend we went out on the Yellowstone and has a full day of floating! It was a super blast. I don't even know the last time that I did that. The weather was perfect and the fishing was great. Every time the boyfriend and I go fishing we get very competitive with each other. We have three goals that we both try to be the one that wins them. Who ever catches the first fish, the biggest fish, and the most fish. He does not take it well when I win all three! That is exactly what happened yesterday and I couldn't be more proud of myself.  He was a good sport and didn't pout for too long haha

We were about half way down the river when we pulled over to take a break. I had no idea I was about to be super brave and try something I have never done before. There was this massive tree and it had about ten pieces of wood screwed into to climb up and do the rope swing. I talked myself into doing it and as soon as I climbed up it I immediately regretted it but I had no choice I had to do it because trying to climb down it seemed super scary. So after a few minutes of hugging the tree in panic mode I grabbed the handle bars on the rope and away I went! I had no idea how hard I would hit the water but let me tell you what it burns when your butt hits the water like a belly flop! You only do that once. I ended up doing the swing like four times and then after the booty smack I was done. If you have not been out to the river lately head on out it is perfect right now! Before we know it the weather will turn to crap and we won't want to play outside. So get it in while you can!

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