Everyone knows the song from 1982 by Toto called "Africa". Maybe you've even sang it drunkenly at karaoke night.  I know you sing along in the car when it comes on.  The song has been a radio airplay staple for years and made a resurgence last year when it was covered by Weezer (with an awesome video featuring Weird Al).

Now, an Namibian-German artist has installed an art display, in the Namib desert, that is playing Toto's "Africa" non-stop.  The display includes solar panels and an mp-3 player on loop, playing nothing but Africa, over and over and over. "For the end of time" says the artist.

Not sure how well the speakers will hold up in the sandstorms.  Probably don't have to worry about moisture too much.  Maybe dust on the solar panels could be an issue? Either way, it's pretty cool, IMO. If you'd like to see pics of the display and plan your journey on finding the speakers blasting "Africa" in the middle of the desert, the link is HERE.  Great... now the song is stuck in my head. "I bless the raaaaaiiins down in Aaaaffriiiicaaaa"!!

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