The Billings Symphony Orchestra will be holding "Adventures In Music" at the library on January 20th and it sounds awesome! Come dressed as your favorite pirate or princess! You can test out many instruments as part of the Adventure In Music event! From trombones to bass and even drums you can try them all.

The event is on the first floor of the library and the event is free from 9:00am-11:30am! When you arrive you will get your passport which will take you on your music adventure. You can visit percussion plaza, brass boulevard, string street, and woodwind way! At noon the performance of Pirates and Princesses will be put on by the ABT. It will feature some awesome pieces from Pirates Of The Caribbean and other fun things! So get  dressed up and take the family out for a day full of fun! It does not get any better than the combo of pirates, princesses and music! Arrrrrr you going?!

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