While I hate that this movement is even a thing (because it shows just how many women have been violated and that sucks, a lot) but I'm also thankful for it for the same exact reason I hate it. It actually highlights how many people in our world and even in our friend groups and networks that have been sexually mistreated and abused. How many women have been taken advantage of in work places and industries. It's disgusting and it's also liberating.

I've had a few incidences in my lifetime where guys have pushed the boundary because they thought they could but I'm not here to talk about me. I just wanted to say how deeply it hurts to see all the women in my life speak up and say 'me, too.' It breaks my heart... that somehow there has been some huge breakdown in the raising of men to act like pigs and treat women however they want.

I applaud the many men I've seen on Facebook speaking up and saying how sorry they are that men have ruined their lives. Very enduring.  I hope that this sparks a conversation not only in Hollywood but in other performance industries, in corporations, in schools, in ANY business... basically for men and women ANYWHERE!

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