Warning: this article contains very sensitive content. 

Couple weeks I had posted an unflinching article about the incest and sexual assault on two young ladies.  Thanks to my digital editor Jaci for smoothing some rough edges on my original message.

I wish that was just a one-off case.  Sadly, not even close.

Josh Rath just posted a piece on a Billings man exchanging alcohol for sex with a minor.  You can read the details at the link below.

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Hays MT Program Coordinator Assaults Girl on Fort Belknap Reservation

Daniel Jacob Werk received 3 years 10 months for sexually abuse of a 15-year-old between July and October 2021.  He enrolled the young lady into the program where he worked, the Fort Belknap Grassland Restoration Project to assist at-risk Native youth.  Werk instead committed sex acts with her.

She was at-risk all right...FROM HIM!!.

Browning MT Man Sentenced for Assault on Teen, Domestic Violence

Merlyn Roger Lee Marceau has been sentenced to 12 years 6 months.  In June 2023, Marceau raped a 13-year-old inside a residential shed, three days after he struck his girlfriend multiple times.  These crimes happened on the Blackfeet Reservation, where he has two priors for domestic assault in tribal court.

Cut Bank Man Pistol-Whips Woman, Shoots Her in Chest

Luke Charles Wells was sentenced to 5 years 9 months (that's all??) for assault with a weapon.  In July 2023, a drunk and enraged Wells crashed down a bathroom door and assaulted the lady.  She fled the residence and he pursued her with a handgun.  She tripped and fell; he shot the ground around her, struck her repeatedly with the gun then shot her in the chest.  She survived the attack, while Wells was tased and arrested by police after a car chase.

I thank the U.S. Attorney's Office, District of Montana for the information on these cases.

Please be safe out there, Ladies.  Please take care of each other.  The Wolves are out.

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