Stop!  Just STOP!  Why is this becoming a thing!

You've probably heard about the juvenile in Texas that recorded herself opening a container of Blue Bell ice cream, licking the ice cream, and putting the carton back in the freezer.  A video posted to Twitter was watched over 13 million times and led to a police investigation.

Now, a man in Louisiana has been arrested for posting a copycat video of himself in the ice cream aisle.  You can watch the video above.  He peels back the lid, gives the ice cream a lick, pokes the ice cream with his finger, gives it another lick, and returns it to the shelf.

But this story does come with an interesting twist.  He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety.  But when he was called back to the store he showed investigators a receipt for the ice cream.  And the full video showed him removing the carton from the freezer after he had initially returned it to the shelf.  Police believe he did in fact purchase the ice cream instead of leaving it behind.  But he was still charged and did spend a little time in jail in exchange for some internet fame.

Can we all just make a pact?  Raise your right hand and promise you won't partake in this ridiculousness!

Ugh!  If there was ever a time to be a fan of the ice cream brands that have the protective plastic covering over the actual ice cream - NOW WOULD BE THE TIME!


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