Amazon has created their own "Black Friday" - or at least that's the apparent goal. "Prime Day" is happening today and lots of the deals are on par with Black Friday specials. I got a notification on my phone last night letting me know that I was already missing out on some amazing bargains, so I had to log on and check it out.

I'm not going to get into what I found, wanted, purchased, etc. because this isn't an ad for Amazon; I'm just wondering if you, or someone you know, has an online shopping addiction. For me I've got things under control, but I think that if I live long enough to be an old lonely guy in a recliner, I might spend most of my remaining time on Earth ordering crap I don't actually need.

I still do about 99% of my shopping locally, but for the weird (usually nerdy) stuff I can't find in town, I break out the card and keyboard.

Do you have, or know someone with, an online shopping addiction?

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