As someone who is in the upper age bracket of the millennial generation it is hard for me to speak on this subject because like any group of people there will always be the ones who are ruin it for the rest. But here goes anyway...

All of the millennials that I know have a job. It may not be in their career field but they are out there working because they know they have to. That and there is a pile of student loan debt the size of Texas to pay off... But we gotta do what we gotta do. And for those who have racked up TONS of debt are those that are trying to do things in the world that will NEED the 'smarties.' Doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists, etc.... I would also agrue that there are millennials that have started some of the most successful businesses and this includes people I actually know!

I see videos of people in the millennial generation who act entitled, privileged and everything that everyone says about us BUT I have yet to actually meet anyone who is actually like that. It's like the cameras tend to find the ones that are giving us a bad rap!

I am so tired of people older than me making generalized comments.  For instance, and one of my favorites I've heard, "they aren't buying houses or cars and stimulating the economy."  Well, news flash, we aren't buying cars and houses because we can't afford them. We are too busy surviving and paying off student loans to be able to save up for big purchases like that. Like I said, I am on the upper end of the millennial generation and I would like to remind the generation above me giving us crap about houses that it was YOUR generation that completely and single highhandedly screwed the housing market. Y'all bought houses that you couldn't afford and then one day it popped and now my generation has to come in behind that and you are mad at us for not wanting to buy big stuff like that??

What are your thoughts? Does this subject just make you crazy and frustrated or do you agree? Let me know!!

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