I've only been fired once in my life and it definitely caught me off guard.  I was asked to come in for a meeting at noon on Friday, which I now know is a bad sign (Friday is the best day for firing so people have a couple of days to cool off).  The meeting itself was quick and to the point.  In fact, it was one sentence: "This isn't a reflection of your talents or abilities, but we're going to automate the night show and no longer need your services."  I sat there for a second with a bewildered look and said "So..is that it?" "Yep, that's it", he replied.  After that, I got up, shook hands with my boss and his boss (the witness) and left.

It was definitely a bizarre feeling to soak in, but in hindsight, I handled myself pretty well.  I didn't really show any emotion other than that brief look of shock.  I shook hands politely and said goodbye to the receptionist on the way out as if I would see her soon.

It turns out that some people don't handle that situation well at all.  According to a study of millennials, most actually prefer to be fired by text or e-mail rather than face to face.  I understand that some people don't like conflict, struggle with anxiety or other issues that make that situation tough, but I say that's letting them off way too easy.  I've had to let people go and it's a hard thing to do.  For me, it's the kind of thing that keeps you up all night the night before and it's tough to deal with.  So unless you want your boss to get off easy, make them face you when they cut the cord.  Don't do anything crazy or violent, but enjoy their awkwardness as part of your severance package.

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