Think about you favorite foods? Now think about what brands you buy? Are there certain foods you don't mind buying the store brand, or must you always buy the name brand? Here is why I ask.

The other day I was at the store. I really want some mac & chees so I drove to the store went right to the aisle. If you know me at all you know I basically survive on mac & cheese. It is by far my favorite food ever. So any way after I pick out what I want the lady next to me gives me this "I can't believe you would get that" sort of look. She scrunched her face up so hard she dang near looked like a pug dog. She then grabbed the name brand box of heaven. I kind of did a creepy thing and had to look in her cart. Every single item she had in there was top shelf. Not that there is anything wrong with that at. I can't afford that sort of thing haha Yet I am picky with certain foods that have to be a certain brand. Like ranch and cottage cheese. Are there any foods that you or someone know will only eat that certain brand?

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