Do you ever find yourself noticing certain numbers, number patterns and sequences or number combinations?  For example, do you always check the time when it's 11:11?  Or 4:44? I do.

Last week I noticed the odometer on my trusty Nissan was going to hit 123456 soon.  When it happened yesterday somewhere south of Dillon, I made sure I was ready and told my wife to take a picture as I was zooming down 1-15 at the moderate speed of 83 MPH. She thought I was being a little bit ridiculous. "But this will never happen again!", I told her. Like it was a big deal. Because it IS a big deal.

It's also a big deal when I see 888, 777 or - eek! - 666! Is there anything to this numbers nonsense, other than a mild obsession disorder?  I doubt it.  I did find one wacky website that believes number combo's are signals from the angels. I guess that is possible. And of course, numerology has been a thing for thousands of years. In this crazy, wild world of ours numbers are always consistent.  2 + 2 will always be 4. Right? Now if only my angels would give me the correct number combos for Mega Millions...

Next time,


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