Mention "hurricane" around me and I envision the fruity, delicious rum drink. Mmmm. I think I had my first one when I was slightly underage at the Banana Bay bar/restaurant in Bozeman. If you've never had a hurricane, they are quite tasty and dangerously strong.

As the Carolina's and other portions of the South East hunker down for Hurricane Florence, it makes me glad that massive, watery, windy storms are not something we have to deal with around here. Yes, winter sucks. I hate scraping ice off my car and playing exciting rounds of bumper cars on the way to work during the winter storms. And yes, forest fires are a pain and devastating for sure. But percentage wise, the actual danger to most Montanans from fires is pretty small.

We do get the rare tornado (Metra, I'm talking to you!), but these are also pretty uncommon in most of our state. Unlike my friends in the Midwest who get tornado warnings almost weekly during the summer months.

I have a handful of friends from southern coastal states. They admit the devastation from hurricanes is amazing and awful. But they aren't terrified. I guess it's whatever you grow up with. I'll take a foot of snow over a foot of water any day.

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