A few years ago, we were able to take a family trip to Hawaii. Of course, we loved the beaches and natural beauty, but my family also enjoyed exploring Hawaiian foods. When the trip ended (far too quickly) and we returned to a wintery spring in Montana, I found myself craving the flavors we enjoyed on the island.

Little did I know, a tiny town in Montana features some of the best-reviewed Hawaiian food in the state. In Twin Bridges, MT you'll find the Old Hotel restaurant. The mom-and-pop restaurant is in a three-story, historic former hotel built in 1879, a decade before Montana became a state.

Fine dining in Twin Bridges, MT.

Twin Bridges is a small community (population 330 +/-) at the confluence of the Ruby River, the Beaverhead River, and the Big Hole River in Madison County. The three rivers meld into the Jefferson River. This area of Montana provides some of the best trout fishing in the state. Lewis and Clark camped near what would become a townsite back in 1805.


3,000 miles from home, the Old Hotel offers a taste of Hawaii in Montana.

The Old Hotel has served many purposes over the last 145 years. Originally named the Twin Bridges Hotel, over the decades the property was a boarding house and a family home. Eventually, it became vacant; the property changed hands and was largely restored in 1996, with another remodel in 2012. Note: the property is not a hotel. It's a restaurant. Overnight accommodations are not available. 

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In 2005, the Old Hotel was purchased by a couple from Hawaii, who visited Montana and fell in love with the area in 2002. Bill and Paula Kinoshita created a menu that features a variety of tasty island specialties like Pupus (Hawaiian-style Tapas), Bentos, and Poke Bowls. A small selection of traditional American foods are also available.


Reviewers love the Old Hotel in Twin Bridges, MT.

The Old Hotel restaurant has 4.7 stars on Google Reviews and 4.5 on Tripadvisor. The establishment is only open a few days a week, and the menu changes frequently. One reviewer summed it up nicely,

Never disappoints. We look forward to our "destination dining" every year. Wish we could come more often. Truly a meal of exquisite flavors, textures and aromas that pleases all the senses. Outstanding hospitality and charming ambiance. A "must" experience and your loss if you dont!

Next time we're in the area, we plan to check this place out.

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