We all know how devastating the fires in Eastern Montana has been. The amount of acres that have been burned is unreal and the blaze is still going. Fire Fighters from 34 different states have came to help battle the flames. Not only are the families in the area in need of help but so are the Fire Fighters. This Sunday you can help them out and make a donation at Canyon Creek Brewery. The BB-Cajun-Taco Benefit is from 4pm-8pm.

There will be food trucks serving free food! Come by and grab some grub and make a donation. Big Guy Barbecue, Canyon Creek Brewery, Cajun Phatty's, Fat Taco, and Lindo Michoacán will all be there. Montana Outlaw BBQ will also be there and these guys have even won some awards for their BBQ! The B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S will be on hand raising money with a 50/50 raffle. Please come by and help out the victims of Lodgepole fires in Garfield County. Let's show our neighbors how much we care about them.


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