Today I went to lunch with at a place I have never been with my boss. We went to Stacked downtown and oh my gosh are they amazing. I usually go to the same three or four places, so to try something new was wonderful. I had the Buffalo Chicken Tacos and I can not stop thinking about them! They were so good it is unreal! The picture does not even do them justice at all. I am pretty sure I could live on them for life.

Trying something new made me wonder what else I am missing out on around town. I am not really a picky eater so I am basically down to try anything. Well most things as long as they don't have onions I am usually good to go. It is weird that I will eat onion rings but I don't like them on stuff. So my question is where are the best places to eat around town. Who has the best burgers? Who has the best tacos? Who has the best steaks or sea food?  Where is a must to check out?

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