I am truly really said I did not go camping once this summer. Really does break my heart. Now it is starting to cool off pretty good so camping maybe out of the question, but fishing is not at all! I usually go the same few spots. I love the Boulder, Red Lode, a few different places on the Yellowstone, and near or around duck creek as well.

I know most people don't like to share their "spots", but I really want to try some new  little fishing holes. Don't worry I am not a super great fisherman so chances of me catching all the fish you could have are slim to none. I usually do really well up on the Boulder but I think that may just be luck haha If you know of any great places that are not too far from home please do share! Not River Front Park anyone can catch those gross carp and weird little sunfish! I am looking for the spots to where if you catch it you can eat it! I have never ice fished so this year may have to be the year I try it out. Plus lets be reel (haha) those little poles for ice fishing are just to dang cute!


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