For years now I have hard the worst back pain and recently I decided to do something about it. I was getting weird shots of pain down my leg and in the arm. I figured it was just a pinched nerve and didn't think much of it until I couldn't take it anymore. Turns out I was right...ish. Pinched nerve and my back was super out of line.

I went in to see Dr. Kim Meier last week and oh boy was it life changing! As she started my adjustment it sounded like someone was walking on bubble wrap! It sounded so gross but felt so good. After she was done she handed me a piece of paper that had a break down of what areas of spine affect what areas of your body. I had no idea that where you back is out can hurt so many different areas of your body. If you are out between your should blades it can hurt you lungs. Lower back can hurt your sleeping pattern. I see why it so important to make sure you are in line after reading all of the information.

My poor back was so out that I have to go back again this week. I am actually super excited to go because after the first time I have never felt so good. I can't imagine how wonderful I will feel after round two! Sometimes we all forget to take care of ourselves and keeping my back in line will not be something I ever forget to do again. I swear I must be at least an inch or two taller!

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