I am counting down the days until Billings Biggest Garage Sale! This is by far one of my favorite events ever. If you are looking buy some treasures or sell some of yours this is for you! It will happen on June 23rd at the upper parking lot of the Metra. There will seriously be thousands of shoppers!

Last year I could not believe the stuff that was there. Beds, crafts, bikes, lamps, and so so much more! Basically if you name it and I am sure you will find it! With it being spring now I know a lot of people start doing some spring cleaning. So if you have stuff you don't want or need anymore get your booth today! You can reserve your booth at 248-7827. One of the best things about Billings Biggest Garage Sale is that we have trucks on hand to help you get your things to your vehicle. We do the lifting for you! Hope to see you there!

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