The 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' Family Promise Beach Blizzard is 2/17 in Billings.

When many people in Billing think of homelessness, the first images that might pop into your mind are transients and panhandlers. The fact is, there are far too many individuals, families, and single parents who are struggling too. Many of them are working at least one job, sometimes two. Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley has been assisting these vulnerable members of our community for 20 years.

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley
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Homelessness can happen to anyone.

Circumstances beyond their control (a divorce, laid off, a couple weeks of being seriously ill, or other medical conditions) can put otherwise housing-secure individuals at risk. We've all heard the saying "Most people are just two paychecks away from being homeless." That phrase may be slightly exaggerated, but many Montanans live paycheck to paycheck, and a month or two without pay can rapidly lead to eviction. For those who own a home, getting your house repossessed can take a little longer, but once the spiral begins, it can be tough to recover.

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Problems can quickly compound for Montanans facing homelessness.

Suddenly, you're living in a car or crashing at a friend or relative's spare room. Your performance at work may suffer, your kids' grades may suffer and it may seem completely hopeless. This is where Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley Can help. The non-profit has helped thousands of families in south central Montana get back on their feet, rebuild credit, and get into sustainable housing.

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Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley
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Have fun for a fantastic cause on February 17th at the Billings Hotel.

The banquet room at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center will be decked out with tropical decor for Beach Blizzard 2024. Come dressed as formally or as casually as you'd like. Flip flops, sundresses, Bermuda shorts, and fun Hawaiian shirts are encouraged.

Attendees will enjoy a gourmet burger bar, N/A and alcoholic drinks with a full bar, and huge silent and live auction items, including an African safari. Fun note: real parrots will be there too. Find out more about Family Promise and Beach Blizzard 2024 HERE.

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