Billings law enforcement had a busy evening Wednesday and Thursday overnight.

A suspected kidnapping was prevented when the Billings Police Department, along with the Montana Highway Patrol and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, arrested a man after a crosstown chase that started on the 4200 block of State Avenue ended with a PIT maneuver in the Heights. This incident unfolded just after midnight Thursday morning.

1600 Block of Ave D image via Google Maps satellite view

A man brandishing a weapon on the 1600 block of Ave D.

Before the crosstown chase began unfolding, a separate incident occurred at approximately 11:35 PM Wednesday, when the Billings Police Department received a report of a man brandishing a weapon during a disturbance with other individuals in a parking lot on the 1600 block of Avenue D. According to the Billings Police Department Facebook Page, Sgt. Mansur wrote,

Officers responded to the parking lot and located the suspect, Curtis Witmer (48 year old Billings male) at his vehicle. Curtis was uncooperative with Law Enforcement but was eventually taken into custody. A handgun was located in Curtis' vehicle after executing a search warrant. Curtis was arrested for Criminal Endangerment, Obstructing, and Resisting Arrest.

This story will be updated if/when additional information becomes available. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

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