Meet McGruff, Billings' featured Wet Nose Wednesday Pet

If you are an 80s kid, surely you're familiar with the famous cartoon crime-fighting dog McGruff and his trademarked catchphrase, "Take a bite out of crime." We can't vouch for our featured Wet Nose Wednesday dog's crime-fighting skills, but we do know this loving boy will make a great pet.

He's a purebred mutt with a heart of gold.

Derek Wulf, Humane Outreach Coordinator at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter said McGruff came to the shelter four or five days ago as a transfer from Rez Dog Rescue, a fantastic organization in Billings. He's two years old and ready to adopt now.

McGruff loves treats. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
McGruff loves treats. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

McGruff is straight from central casting.

If you were making a Hollywood blockbuster and needed a scruffy-looking dog for the starring role, you'd have to choose McGruff. I mean, look at him! The shelter believes McGruff is part German Wirehaired Pointer, and his coat and some of his features reflect that assumption. He's a medium-large dog, weighing roughly 50 - 60 pounds.

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Adopt McGruff at YVAS. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Adopt McGruff at YVAS. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Foster homes are desperately needed at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

YVAS often receives pregnant dogs and cats, or stray animals that may have health issues or behavioral problems. In many cases, these pets will spend weeks, or even months, at foster homes until they become adoptable.

Becoming a foster house for pets is an easy process, and YVAS provides resources such as veterinary care, any special food or medication, etc. You can find out more about their foster program HERE.

Will you adopt McGruff?

Sometimes mutts make the best pets and McGruff is a sweetheart of dog who would make a great companion. Check out his bio or browse all of the animals currently available for adoption at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter HERE.

Thank you, Shipton's Big R for supporting animal adoption in the Billings area.

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