On a day when President-Elect Joe Biden's electoral votes were set to be confirmed, protestors who didn't wish to see that take place rioted outside the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and some of them got into the actual building in a scene of turmoil and chaos.

It was just before 2:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon that U.S. Capitol Police began evacuating congressional offices as thousands of people gathered outside the building, according to the Associated Press, and about 20 minutes later police locked down the building moments leading up to protestors "beaching the capitol".

The Mayor of Washington D.C. then ordered a 6:00 pm curfew in the city, per the AP, but that did nothing to stop the flood of protestors and rioters.

Lawmakers were then evacuated, as many as possible, and those inside were given protective gear to wear and security began to tighten for their protection.

The members in the house were instructed to put on tear masks in the event it would be needed.

The DOD requested the presence of the National Guard to help disperse the crowd and keep people safe.

One person inside the building as of this afternoon was shot and wheeled out on a stretcher, according to the AP, as protestors continue violent actions at the U.S. Capitol.

The DOH has also sent in federal agents to assist with security efforts.

At one point during the riot, NBC News tweeted out a photo of a protestor in the actual building hanging from a rafter.

It is an ever developing scene in D.C. this afternoon.

Southern New Jersey Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew has told The Associated Press that "while he sympathizes with the protesters’ position, they shouldn’t get violent, and it would be “nice” if Trump called on them to “protest in a peaceful way in an appropriate spot, where you belong, where you should be.” "

Meanwhile, 3rd District New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim reported earlier Wednesday afternoon that he was safe where he was at and urged change in our society.

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence tweeted out a plea for an end to the violence.









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