As the general election results keep pouring in across the state, results aren't that surprising for the majority of Montana voters. Matt Rosendale has secured one of Montana's congressional seats over Greg Buchanan, and as of writing, Ryan Zinke is leading over Monica Tranel in the second. With such a large majority of voters leaning red, it made me think about the last time Montana had a large blue majority. And, how many voters lean blue in the Treasure State?

Montana Hasn't Voted for a Blue President Since 1992


In terms of US Presidential Elections, Montana typically votes for the Republican candidate. The last time Montana went for the Democratic candidate was in 1992 when Bill Clinton took Montana by an extremely slim margin. Before that, Montana hadn't voted blue in nearly 30 years. The 1964 Election was the last time before that point when Lyndon B. Johnson won one of the most lopsided Presidential Elections in history.


Montana hasn't voted blue since, last securing 3 electoral votes for Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. Of course, all of these stats highlight the federal level. But, what about just the statewide level? As it turns out, recent studies show that there may be more blue-leaning voters in Montana than you think.

 About a Quarter of Montana's Population Always Votes Blue

According to Gallup Poll data, about 37% of Montana voters are actually left-leaning, and around 21% actually vote blue in every election. Unfortunately, the study doesn't indicate where in Montana these residents are voting, but my guess would be Western Montana, near Missoula. What do you think?

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