Get ready to win free tickets to Rodney Carrington being sponsored by BYO-Safe! Name of the game is the Rodney Carrington Ticket Window! Listen up in the morning with Kris and Kaitlyn for your chance to win! Rodney will be at the Shrine Auditorium on July 22nd. Show starts at 7pm. Get ready to win!

BYO-Safe not only wants to hook you up with free tickets but they also want to help you out in other ways. The spray system BYO-Safe uses is one of a kind and safe for the environment. It seriously just wraps around a surface during administration and then after that any germ or virus or anything icky that comes into contact with the sprayed surface will "BE DESTROYED" through electro static technology. Mold. Mildew. Every day viruses. E Coli, H1N, and even HIV. They will take them all down no matter if it is a home or business! For more information on BYO-Safe call 861-8881 or check out their website


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