When I first read the story of how the fire started in Great Falls yesterday I was sure it was aa hoax. The details of the event seems like something out of a movie. Montana has had so many fires this year and they have either been due to mother nature or to people. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one would start because of predator vs prey. Firefights have said that the crazy details are in fact what exactly happened. Incase you have not seen the story here it is.

A hawk was doing what every hawk does when it needs some lunch. He scoped the land and found just what he wanted. A snake. He flew down and grabbed his soon to be meal and then took off towards the sky only to have the snakes tail touch the power line above electrocuting both of them. They fell to the ground as sparks came right behind them causing the fire to start. I saw the picture and it was too much for me to look at more than one time. The poor hawk is pretty cooked and the snake is still in his claws! I wonder how many times this has every happened in real life! I wouldn't be surprised if we see this story on Discovery channel haha The good news is no one was injured in the fire while putting it out but as you can guess Mr. Hawk and Mr. Snake did not make it. They say to call before you dig maybe the same should be said before you fly poor little dudes.

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