Noooooo! Not Chalet Market.

Sad news for sandwich lovers in the Magic City. Chalet Market announced via a post on Facebook today (4/8) that the beloved restaurant on 24th St West will be closing soon. All is not lost, however... Chalet Market's downtown location will remain open.

Working downtown, the Chalet Market in the basement of the First Interstate Bank building is the location I frequent the most. Many Billings residents might not know it exists, but it took over the formerly vacant spot in 2020. This location will continue serving the full Chalet Market menu, catering orders, branded meat snacks, preserves, and other gift items.

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The 24th St. West Chalet Market has been a fan fav for 40+ years.

I love sandwiches, and Chalet Market is always my go-to spot in Billings. Chalet's bread is the perfect texture of chewy and soft and they pile their quality meats and cheeses on thick. Lisa's Sandwich Den, Topz, and Main Street Deli (now downtown by the hospitals) round out my other top sandwich choices in Billings. I'll settle for Jimmy John's, Jersey Mike's, or Firehouse Subs in a pinch.

Is a new West End Chalet Market in the works?

News of the closure saddened fans of Chalet Market... "No! This is so sad!", was the general theme in the comments. Other commentators thanked them for the great memories or asked questions about the downtown location. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the owners are simply ready for a change.

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They dropped a clue in the comments when someone asked if Chalet Market would open a new West End location. They responded with, "That is our plan. The Westend store was so small with no room to grow. Thanks for your support!"

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