It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Townsquare Media! Seems early right?! Most would think so but not us! One of our sales reps Kara loves Christmas more than anything in the world. No joke she puts up her decorations the day after Halloween. She also is dressed in something Christmas pretty much everyday. I dig her style. So you are probably wondering why all the desks are wrapped like gifts... another coworker decorated Kara's desk and everyone else got jealous! Adult men even had the jelly bone haha So Christina being the babe she is wrapped every desk with wrapping paper that totally fits each person personality! I had no idea this was happening so it was kind of startling to come around the corner and basically walked into Santa's workshop! Not going to lie I really like it!

So the question is how early is too early to get in the holiday mood? Most people wait for the turkeys to have their day.... not us. Snow is on the ground and cheer is in our hearts haha Honestly I feel like the  touches of joy have put everyone in a wonderful mood around here. Not that we are not always in wonderful moods and have a blast doing what we do, but this took it to a new level! So I guess I will end with Merry super early Christmas!

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