Round one of Cool Sculpting is done! I went last Friday to Central Wellness to start my journey to a new body! Cool Sculpting is perfect for those trouble areas you just can't get to go away. The whole process from start to finish was awesome. All of the ladies there make you feel so comfortable and they are all so nice! Incase you don't know what exactly Cool Sculpting is it is a non-surgical non-invasive technology that removes fat cells forever by freezing the fat away! Based on where your trouble area or areas are will determine how they set up a plan for you. The best part is after you have your consultation you will know exactly what you will need and the consultations are FREE!

The whole process starts with the consultation then you set up an appointment. On your first appointment they will take before pictures and after that you are ready to start your first session! No joke it was like being at a hotel/spa. They set you up with a warm neck wrap and warm blankets. They make you super comfortable and even offer snacks and flavored water while you are having it done! Did I mention they even have Netflix in the room? Yep they sure do! After they got me going I was so relaxed that I actually feel asleep! It was super cool to know that the fat cells I hate so much were on the way to no longer existing! I highly recommend that if you are having a hard time taking care of the areas on your body that just won't go away no matter what you do to check out Cool Sculpting. I can not wait to see the end result! Also while I was there I got some Botox! I wrinkle my forward a lot,so much so that the line in the middle looked more like a river than a wrinkle. I can already see results and I couldn't be happier! From Cool Sculpting to weight loss, skin care, botox they offer something for everyone. If you want to check out some before and after pictures or to learn more about the services they offer go to their website I will be posting pictures along my awesome journey to a new me!

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