A new salad shop is opening in Billings on March 23rd.

We see this pop up somewhat frequently on Billings' social media pages: "How come there are no healthy restaurant options in Billings?"  Of course, we have a handful of places that offer more than one or two keto-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, (insert dietary restriction here) options, but we're lacking compared to places like Bozeman.

Soup and Such is one of my favorites when I choose a salad instead of a fast food burger. My spouse and kids enjoy Ohana Poke, another relatively healthy option in Billings. Coming soon, Magic City salad eaters will have another option, with Crisp & Green slated to open on 3/23 in Westpark Promenade.

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Credit Michael Foth, TSM
Credit Michael Foth, TSM

West Park Promenade is popping.

It's great seeing how West Park Promenade has transformed from a dying mall not that many years ago, into a mostly vibrant, walkable, outdoor shopping center in the heart of what's become "Midtown" Billings. A multi-story luxury apartment complex on the northwest corner of the property sets a backdrop for well over thirty shops, restaurants, offices, and my favorite Montana-owned grocery store.

Being nosey, I stopped by today (3/13) to grab a few photos of the fast-casual restaurant, steering clear of the contractors putting the finishing touches on the shop. Crisp & Green is located between Red Robin and Ohana Poke. Go straight through the roundabout if you enter from Grand Ave.

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Credit Michael Foth, TSM
I didn't walk under the ladder... bad luck and stuff. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

Summer's coming.

It's easy to pack on some extra pounds during the winter in Montana and sometimes a great salad simply hits the spot. We're looking forward to checking out Crisp & Green when they open in Billings. The Minnesota-based company has around 100 franchise locations in over a dozen states.

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