I know that picture is hard to look at. It broke my heart when I saw it on a flyer here at the stations. What a scary scene. There were six people on bikes that were severely injured in a multi-vehicle accident near Great Falls.

Coming up on July 7th at The American Legion at 1540 Broadwater you can help them out. I can not what they are going through as well as their families. So scary. Here is how you can help. The event is hosted by the Horde Motorcycle Club. Sign ups for the dart tournament will start at 4pm, and the games begin at 6pm. It is only $10.00 to enter, and the proceeds will help those in the accident. There will also be a silent auction, 50/50 raffle, and kill the keg is only $5.00 per person. Look twice when you are on the road and save a life. Hope that you can make it out and help these guys and gals out.

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