I love meat. Steak, seafood, chicken, elk, alligator, bring it on.  In my opinion, the glorious Thanksgiving turkey is one of life's tastiest meals. Cover that white and dark meat with gravy, load up on the mashed potatoes and of course the green bean casserole.

I don't really have any friends or family that are vegan or vegetarian (except for that one time when my sister-in-law decided she didn't eat meat). But I also understand there are a fair amount of people who don't eat meat. I'm curious if you are mindful of their diets when you prepare for Thanksgiving?  Do you make a side of tofurkey? Offer other meatless alternatives?

This Pinterest recipe for roasted Thanksgiving cabbage showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday and it looks absolutely delicious. I added it to my "saved list" and am thinking of making it for Thanksgiving. Not because I have any vegan guests coming over, but because it looks awesome.

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