I get most of my stories from you guys.

I listen, and I care about you, so with this platform I try to spread awareness and get help to those who need it.  

I was tagged in an Instagram post from Katie, owner of Billings ReFill Shoppe about a local artist named Mikaela Rykowski who lost everything in a fire just last week.

The post is also found on NextDoor asking for help for our fellow Billings resident. The images are quite sad and devastating. 

Credit: Mikaela Rykowski (Fire Victim)
Credit: Mikaela Rykowski (Fire Victim)

Vandalism by Fire 

 It was about 1am on January 20th when Mikaela's cars in her garage suspiciously caught fire. The cars are completely burned and so is the garage. The smoke has permanently damaged her home. The investigation is on going. 

Credit: Mikaela Rykowski
Credit: Mikaela Rykowski   Fire Victim

Who is Mikaela

Mikaela Rykowski is a local artist and mother of a 1-year-old.There is currently a GoFundMe for her to replace her car, to help her get back on her feet. They've raised about $1,600 for the family thus far. 

We can also support her by buying her art. She specializes in macramé designs and plant holders. They're quite beautiful, too. 

Credit: Mikaela Rykowski Macramé Art
Credit: Mikaela Rykowski
Macramé Art

Other ways to help Mikaela's family in Billings

Any little bit will help this mother and artist.  If you can spare some change, a few bucks to help her cause, it’s very much appreciated. Plus it's good Karma.

She is a mom who’s trying to thrive in this life like the rest of us.  

Here is a direct link to the GoFundMe. Click here.

You can also Venmo Mikaela @Mikaela-Rykowski to help her get a new vehicle and replace her damaged home. We can do this! Let's go Billings.

Much love, fam! 

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