With the kids getting ready to head back to school we figured we should dig up some pictures of us as young kids. In this picture I believe I am five. I picked this one because holy moly some of the other ones well actually pretty much all of the other ones are super embarrassing. The combo of glasses, braces, pig tails, and overalls is a little much all at once. I can't believe my mother let me look like that! So that is why I picked a cute one instead of the I look like I would be a viral meme years!

I loved picture day a lot but for a few years I had something happen to me right before the big day. One year I decided I should try to ice skate in my little girl heels and naturally I feel. Scraped my nose up from top to bottom. That was on picture day. So retakes was a must. A few days before that I rode down the stairs in a sleeping bag and once again my poor nose took a hit. Rug burn for days. The following year my mom was cutting my bangs and I looked up as she was doing it so with my eye brows raised she cut right above them and when I put them down they were super short! That is just a few examples of why I didn't post those!

It has been a total blast around the office today as my coworkers have been posting there pictures too and let me tell you what they are epic! Check them out on our Facebook and post yours too! https://www.facebook.com/971kissfm/

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