If you have a dog tomorrow is the day to celebrate them it is National Dog Day! Those little nuggets in the picture are Jax and Max they are brothers and as naughty as all can be. Still very much in the puppy phase. Everyday on my way home I panic because I never know what I will walk into. They really have a thing for hiding shoes and eating toilet paper. Weird I know. It is hard to get mad at them because they are just too cute!

Their heads are still a little big for their bodies we are hoping they will grow into them one day. Stairs are kind of hard for them because gravity is working against them big time, but the doggie door is no problem! Their heads basically act like a bulldozer as they run into it. Over all they are really great little Scotty dogs. It only took us about two weeks and they were potty trained! It helps that I have an older dog named Scout and they have to do whatever she does so when she went outside so did they.

They don't really do many tricks but the ones they do they have mastered them. Sit, stay, and pick up your toys are about all they are pros at. Fetch not so much. They run to it and then just sit by it. We are still working on it. When I say "Pick up your toys boys" they really do it and that is awesome. They are pretty spoiled so they have more toys than three dogs combined do so picking all of them up myself would suck. As you can see we make them play dress up. I like to think they like it but their faces say otherwise clearly. It is not weird to dress up your pets because a survey by Direct Line Pet Insurance says that 81% of people dress their pets in cloths. That statistic makes me feel better about forcing outfits on them!

All three of my dogs (well one is my roommates but I love him just the same) are all really great little pals and I don't know what I would do without them. Even when they are naughty I still love them as I am sure anyone with a fur baby does. Celebrate National Dog Day tomorrow with your dog!


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