How many times have you been outside and did not wear sunscreen? I was guilty of it too until I went to Central Wellness and found out the actual age of my skin. I love to fish, hike, camp, boat, basically anything outside! I knew how important sunscreen is but totally slacked off on putting it on. Never again. I went to Central Wellness and they have amazing technology that can actually read how old your skin is based on sun damage and wrinkles and more. I am 31 but my skin tells a different story... 41. Yes 41! From sun spots to just plain damage from lack of thinking about protecting my body it opened eyes big time. You only get one body so you have to protect it.

Central Wellness put me on the right track to protect my body from here on out and also how I can fix what damage has been done. The staff at Central Wellness has been amazing with educating me about what the sun actually does to your skin. I had no idea. We all want that pretty tan but we don't realize the long term effects. I do now and I promise it will change they way you play in the sun as well. So how do you fix it? You go to Central Wellness. They put together a skin care regimen that changed how I care for my skin. The flaws we all see on our skin stinks but once I learned how to fix those problems there is no looking back! Total lifestyle change. Acne, sun spots, dry skin, etc. has improved beyond belief! I could not be more grateful for the knowledge I have gained. I hope you check them out as well! They offer so many services to help you love and care for your body. Call them for a free consultation today 869-1066.

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