Sometimes it can be hard to leave your favorite canine at home when you go out for dinner so why not take them with you! The only problem...There aren't a lot of restaurants here in Billings that welcome your fur baby.  Most of it has to do with health codes (which is completely understandable) but I think it would be nice to see a few more restaurants with patio seating where your dog can come hang, too!

I called around to most of the restaurants that offer patio seating and this is the only restaurant that confirmed with me that dogs are 100% okay:


 Fuddruckers (West end)

I did call The Windmill and they said that they don't not allow them but that usually gives me the vibe that leaving the dogs at home would be better.

I'm not saying here that existing restaurants should start allowing dogs, I'm saying that it would be cool if a couple new restaurants opened that were known for or openly allow dogs. It would be a great option for dog owners!

*If you have a service dog, those are welcome in most establishments. Call ahead for details*

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