Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

Two things.  1) This firework is hilarious.  Oh, the look on the dogs face just cracks me up. 2) This blog post has nothing to do with dog poop and how tons of people feel that it's okay to let your dog crap wherever and not pick it up.

Nope, today's blog is about being a poopy pet owner by not getting your dog or cat spayed or neutered. Unless you are a responsible breeder, there is really no good reason to not get it done. "But Michael, I can't afford it", you say. Great news, my friend.  Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is hosting another low-pay spay and neuter clinic!

It's next weekend (Sept 15/16) at Metra Park. Here is the link for all the details. It's super affordable, and grants may be available to help you out even more.  We took our chocolate lab Hershey to this clinic a few years ago and it really something awesome to see, with all the vets helping out.  Dogs getting fixed left and right. They give you your pet to cuddle with on this big pile of blankets with all the other owners while they're coming out of anesthesia. And away you go. Like Bob Barker always said... “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”



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