Meet our Wet Nose Wednesday Featured Pet, Kakashi.

Shelter dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. It always breaks our hearts when we meet an older dog. We wonder about their story, and how they ended up in the shelter late in life. Senior dogs are special. Today's pup is the complete opposite. His name is Kakashi and he's just four months old.

Kakashi loves to cuddle
Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Kakashi is a Heeler/Aussie mix.

This super-loveable dog is full of energy. He lit up our studio with his constantly wagging tail and playful personality. A real charmer, he's quick with the dog kisses and puppy hugs. He knows some basic commands like "sit" and, as common with this breed, he'll do best with plenty of human interaction to help keep him occupied and well-behaved.

Kakashi loves to play with dog toys
Aww, he's got a cute "patch" on one eye. Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Soft puppy fur. Sweet puppy breath.

Kakashi isn't a new-born, by any means, but he's still very much a puppy. As with any new pup, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter recommends every pet owner enroll their new dog in a basic puppy training class. The shelter frequently hosts such events at minimal cost. Follow YVAS on social media for the latest news and info.

Dog friendly bingo on Feb 14
Graphic courtesy YVAS

Come play Valentine's Day Bingo with your dog.

Dog-friendly activities are always fun and if you love bingo, this event sounds like a blast. YVAS writes,

Valentine's Bingo with Bingo is BACK! The best part...your pup is welcome to attend too!Join us on Wednesday, February 14th at Barkparkmt (located at 1215 Monad Road) where you can test your luck at our bingo tables with your furry Valentine by your side. Bring your own drinks and snacks to enjoy while you play. Each bingo card will cost $2 – cash only.

See all of the animals currently available for adoption at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter HERE. Thank you to Shipton's Big R for supporting animal adoption in the Billings area.

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