Oh man, would you just look at those delicious strips of bacon.  I'm not sure why they're hanging on clothespins (seems like a lot of unnecessary work, IMO), but nonetheless I could scarf down that whole first row, and probably most of the second row.

You know who hates bacon? PETA.  Not just bacon, but pretty much meat in general.  And today PETA has launched an outrageous campaign to get people to stop saying things like, "bringing home the bacon".  Other phrases they think should be banned are:

  • Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Being the guinea pig.
  • Take the bull by the horns.
  • Beating a dead horse.

PETA thinks the above statements are comparable to racism and homophobia.  Although, "beat around the bush" is apparently still ok. Are you kidding me? I know PETA's favorite tactic is shock-and-awe. They're very good at getting attention.  And I'm okay with vegans and vegetarians. I'm also ok with animals not being treated cruelly.  But this is absolutely ridiculous. First they start banning Christmas carols, now they wanna ban certain word phrases because they might hurt animals feelings? Get out of here. My head hurts trying to grasp the concept. I have to get back to bringing home the bacon.

Next time,


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